Purchase Mortgage Testimonial

Real Life Story: Robin


Robin noticed the interest rates were going down and wanted to refinance in order to take advantage of the interest rate and complete a home improvement project with the equity.


Achieved the new loan and had the money to complete the home improvement project.


I knew I needed to refinance my home when I saw the interest rates dropping. But as far as the process, I was pretty clueless. I contacted Dave Vawter, a loan originator in Iowa at Open Mortgage to begin the process. I had heard that Open Mortgage is efficient and that Dave Vawter is a very thorough loan originator. From the very beginning, I was really happy with the speed and friendliness that I was getting from the other end of that phone call with Dave. He walked me through the process and told me what I could expect. We started the process, and I explained to Dave that I wanted to take out some extra money for the expenses of some remodeling project I had started, but never completed. Dave kept me in the loop during the process and found me the interest rate I wanted and the equity left that I needed towards my project. I had not refinanced in several years and had no idea about how helpful and friendly Dave and his team of underwriters and processors at Open Mortgage would be. I received true interest in my situation from Dave and Open Mortgage. I was really hoping during the process that my voice and concerns were being heard and considered. And Dave and Open Mortgage did listen and they acted to help me in a manner that really did solve my refinancing goal. I would recommend Open Mortgage to anyone needing help with a home mortgage.

Robin is an actual Open Mortgage Client and this is her story.